A Long Time Ago

My name is Steve and I grew up on a farm in southern Ohio in the 1960’s and 70’s. At around age 10 I found my first arrowhead walking in a freshly plowed field and from that moment I was hooked on arrowhead collecting. I moved to northern California with my family in 1977, and while there aren’t many plowed fields where I now live, I still kept my nose to the ground and managed to find many artifacts in stream beds and even mole hills over the years.  Around 1992 I decided that I wanted to increase the size and scope of my collection and began visiting artifact shows around the western US where I could exchange stories and artifacts with fellow collectors.  I also ran ads in classified sections of newspapers in the states surrounding my area and came across some great collections.


The internet and World Wide Web was just getting started in those days and gradually more information became available about the history behind many of the pieces I wanted to collect. Then in 1995 came a new web site called eBay and everything changed. Suddenly there were thousands of artifacts available to buy which most collectors could only dream about.  But with a greatly increased supply comes a decrease in demand. An artifact which could brings hundreds or thousands of dollars because of its rarity was now regularly available on eBay, and prices began to plummet from the pre-internet days.  This is when I saw my chance to break into the sales market. I began searching for auctions in the western US for artifact collections. I would then take the best pieces from those collections, add them to my personal collection and then sell the remaining pieces. Gradually I built up a very nice personal collection of artifacts, but I learned some difficult lessons in the process. The hardest lesson was that a high percentage of artifacts sold online in those years were modern made counterfeits, and quite a few artifacts that I paid top dollar for turned out to be fake, but I didn’t give up, I learned how to tell the difference. I bought books, I talked to professional authenticators, and I studied counterfeit artifacts under a microscope and what the differences are between an old and new artifact. Amazingly, once you know what to look for the counterfeits practically jump out at you.   


In 2005 I decided to expand by developing this web site and it has far exceeded my wildest expectations.  I have personally purchased and brokered the sale of some world class collections worth millions of dollars, and seen some amazing artifacts in the process. For the last 3 years you may have noticed that my web site has been off line. This was because I have been involved with a museum project in the San Francisco area and acquiring inventory for it. Because that project now takes less of my time, I am getting back into my passion of searching for old family collections.