Making Each Experience Simple

For most of us who have spent a lifetime and sometimes generations collecting artifacts, selling a part of your family history is never easy.  But in these unsteady economic times sitting on them as the market fluctuates can cost you a lot.  Finding out what your collection is worth costs you nothing, and you will have the piece of mind knowing that if a financial need arises, you have something that can usually be sold quickly.  We will cater to your particular needs.

Buying your Collection


Regardless of whether your collection is a few dozen artifacts or tens of thousands, I can give you a reasonable estimate of the collection's overall value. If it's within my means I will make you an offer, and if it is more than I can afford at the time I can either find other buyers or buy parts of your collection.

As I mentioned before, I can only evaluate your collection if you are able to email pictures to me. Small collections can be bought and sold through the mail, while very large and/or valuable collections will require that I see what you have in person. If we are able to come to an agreement on price in advance, I will normally offer you a deposit for what you wish to sell, and pay the balance once the artifacts arrive and I am able to thoroughly evaluate each artifact. I absolutely will not pay the quoted price for artifacts before seeing them in person. While most people are very honest I've had dealings with a number of people over the years that are not honest, so I have to be careful.  If you are within close proximity to northern California I would also be happy to meet you in person to evaluate your artifacts.




If you would rather take it slow and get the highest amount possible for your artifacts, I can consign them. I will take the parts of your collection that you wish to sell, photograph and market the artifacts. When the pieces sell I will keep a pre-agreed upon amount and send you the balance. This method generally takes much longer but works out better for people who aren't in a hurry to sell their artifacts.


Third Party Sales


Occasionally I am asked to find a new home for a collection that simply should never be broken up and belongs on public display in a museum. If you own such a collection I would be happy to find it a new home where it can be appreciated by the public. Please contact me for details.